Sectoral Private Detective Training

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Blue Detective Bireysek, which has been serving private detective sector in our country for 10 years, continues to produce solutions for many different problems and cases. Blue Detective serves in a systematic way as 4 units of detective teams and sub units connected to teams. We work in partnership with many corporate companies The private detectives we have in our world are obliged to attend the sectoral private detective training and research courses held every year after completing their education abroad, in accordance with the mission of our Company.

As a blue detective, we have a lot of contacts such as Address Despiti, spouse follow-up, corporate investigations, custody cases, Company Research Brand - Patent Protection, Product forgery, Dealer and Market Survey, Insurance Damage Investigations, Professional Hidden Camera and Insect Screening, Our detective sector has started in 1985 and it has become a very demanding profession today. Take great care to ensure that the company you want to receive private detective service is institutional and reliable!

To reach the leader position of the Private Detective Sector standards of our country by reaching the highest level and to achieve unconditional customer satisfaction through practices that will be taken as an example in the international market. Blue detective makes a contract that protects the mutual rights of all the customers that it serves. the history is made in detail so that there is no question mark on the mind of our customer

What is Detective? 
Detectives are a very old profession, contrary to what you might think of when you look at the history of our country and even our country. Private detectives, who are mostly developed in America and have a lot of authority, have started to serve in 1990s. In our country, private detectives seem to be more prevalent as detectives do not work under state institutions. It is difficult to be a detective in Turkey. Because there is no vocational education institution or law protecting this profession for this profession in our country.